Barnaul 7.62×39 Ammo – 123 Grain | FMJ | Lacquered Steel Casing



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One of the most well-known rifle cartridges around the world, the 7.62×39 is an intermediate rifle cartridge that was developed by the Soviets during World War II.

The 7.62×39 cartridge is synonymous with the AK-47, SKS rifles and the RPD and RPK light machine guns.

7.62×39 is a .30 caliber cartridge that provides good range performance along with solid terminal ballistics.

Technical Specifications

Bullet Type: FMJ
Weight: 123 grain
Muzzle Velocity (feet per second) 2543
Muzzl Energy (foot-pounds) 1774
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 294
Max Powder Pressure Bar (lb/inch2) 46,412
Cartridge Max Length 2.20 inches
Cartridge Average Weight 253 grain